1. Because your prices are so competitive does that influence the quality your products?

All our products are made to Australian standards whether the products are Australian made or are imported. However, the design and materials may vary between suppliers for example, Australian made melamine (condensed chipboard) is higher quality than imported melamine products which is reflected in the price. 
We are very excited to offer ex-showroom (also known as ex-display) pieces that were on display in showrooms for buyers of renowned furniture companies. These pieces are varied in what we acquire on the floor but are all of exceptional quality and design and sometimes half the retail price!

2. Do you offer custom products? 

We are able to custom make a specific range of products through our Australian suppliers. These include lounges, wardrobes, cabinets, bookcases and pantries. These can be made to suit the size, fabric and timber specifications to suit your home. 
The lounges include two and three seaters, chaise and larger modular lounges that can be designed to suit your seating requirements. These pieces can be made with a variety of fabrics with over 50 to choose from. 
Our timber products are built with either hardwood, Australian, or New Zealand pine with a variety of stains including mahogany, teak, chocolate and walnut. The supplier is an expert in constructing beautiful pieces to fit even the most irregular spot in your home. 

3. What do you charge for delivery? 

We charge a flat rate for delivery and so do not charge per product. The charges vary between stores due to differences in local distances and other variables such as traffic congestion etc. 

Please contact your local Furniture Warehouse store for further details.

Local delivery is $45 for areas 10 - 20 mins away from the store.
Other delivery charges range from $69 - $89. 

Local delivery is $20 for areas within the main town vicinity. 
Other delivery charges range from $30 - $100 .

Local delivery is $20 for areas within the main town vicinity. 
Other delivery charges range from $25 - $60 . 

4. Do you offer lay-by?

We do offer lay-by with a store policy of 20% initial deposit. The lay-by period is 90 days which can be negotiated for special circumstances. 
The frequency of payments is a minimum of once a fortnight.  
If you were to default on your payments there is a store policy of a penalty of 30% of the total purchase price.

5. Do you refund? 

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, however, we do offer store exchange or store credit.  

6. What is the difference between PU and bonded leather products? 

While both materials contain some leather the process is more complex in bonded leather additionally, the leather that is used is of a higher quality than in PU leather look material.

PU leather look (otherwise known as bi-cast leather) is composed of a fabric with a split leather backing which has an polyurethane coating and is embossed with a leather grain, and does not "improve with age". Users will find benefits in a lower price tag and being able to easily clean and maintain an "like new" look and feel.

Bonded leather (otherwise known as blended leather) was first used in shoewear industry and has expanded into furniture and fashion with advances in fabric engineering. The procedure utilises leather scraps that are shredded and are combined with a chemical bonding agent that are backed onto fabric and treated with a polyurethane (PU) coating and finally embossed with leather-like grain. The layering of the different materials with the key component being leather provides all the benefits of leather - the smell, texture, durability and buttery softness. While the quality of the product is high, Bonded leather does not "improve with age" like 100% leather, however, has benefits such as being more environmentally friendly (reuses left over leather without extra farming), product consistency, and high durability.

We stock both 100% leather products, PU leather products, and bonded leather products.  We do not stock vegan leather products due to its high cost.

7. What does the term ex-showroom or ex-display mean?

As mentioned in Q. 1 ex-showroom products are stellar quality pieces that have been displayed in a showroom for renowned furniture company buyers to replenish stock. We have a large delivery to our stores every 6 weeks with these exciting products which are offered by us sometimes at half the retail price. These pieces may have slight imperfections from transporting but usually they are undamaged. While some of the pieces may be part of our usual catalogue others are from unusual suppliers so be sure to keep an eye out at your local store!

8. What does the term factory seconds mean?

These products are furniture items which, through minor default of manufacture are sold at a reduced rate. The products can have slight imperfections or are damaged.

9. What is Melamine?

Melamine is condensed chipboard which is bonded using a chemical agent, and is often used to create more cost-effective furniture. Australian made Melamine products are of higher quality due to stringent quality standards. We stock both imported Melamine products and Australian made Melamine products.  All Melamine products are listed on this site with the initial price for a white product .Australian Made Melamine products are available in alternative colours for an additional 15% of the initial product cost. The colour palette below is a demonstration of the alternative colours, however, colours may vary on different computer screens.

Black and white are also available.