Ruji Jailbird Design Entertainment Unit - Medium


Brand Centrum

The Jailbird range features a ruji cupboard style that posseses hand carved elegance combined with its clean line design it is a piece that can add a sophisticated and unique aspect to your living room. The major feature of this unit is its high functionality of storage space, while able to support a large flat screen two open shelves allow increased ease of remote access and breathing space for your electronics. The additional cupboards and three small drawers are ideal for CD's and other knick knacks that can hide a multitude of sins.This beautiful piece of furniture has been hand crafted in Indonesia from solid kiln-dried mahogany timber by professional craftsmen, the mahogany timber is certified as non rainforest timber. It is available in over ten different finishes including shabby chic white, mahogany (as depicted), teak, and even some vivacious colours like red. 

Product Includes

Mahogany Timber

3 x drawers

2 x doors

5 x simple handles


160 (W) x 45 (D) x 60 (H)


Chocolate, Mahogany, Light Pecan